LED Sports Lighting Systems

Sports stadium lights for sports fields, stadiums, and driving ranges

Netex has partnered with Lumalex, designer and producer of the world’s most energy-efficient LED sports field and stadium lighting, to offer the Stadium Series Sports Light, the smaller Netex Pro Sport Stadium LED, and the Netex Inline LED. We can also supply and install indoor sports facility lighting, and conventional and solar LED area flood lights.

Our lighting systems can be used anywhere people need high visibility and precision lighting for sports and recreation: golf driving ranges, baseball, soccer, and football fields, multi-sport parks, hockey arenas, and indoor training facilities.

Features of the Netex Pro Sport Stadium LED include:

  • Waterproof, die-cast housing made from marine-grade, copper-free aluminum
  • Corrosion protection, plus a protective epoxy powder coat
  • Optical efficiency (LOR) of 94%
  • Floodlights have power-saving dimmable option
  • 300W to 1200W floodlights
  • Anti-glare covers
  • Rotatable floodlights
  • Laser beam aiming mechanism
  • Operating temperature ranging from -40⁰C to 50⁰C
  • Wind-load tested for high pole mounting
  • Long service life: operating 8 hours/day provides approximately 20 years run time at 25⁰C
  • Full, 5-year warranty

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Lighting plans direct light exactly where needed

Whether you need to retrofit an existing system, or install brand-new lighting, we can help you create a lighting plan that provides the right amount of light for players and spectators, without lighting up the surrounding neighbourhood.

For indoor training facilities, we offer engineered lighting designs that supply the correct number of lumens to the turf, with optimum positioning of the fixtures. We oversee all lighting design drawings to ensure that the lighting is properly positioned for the athletes and the sport.

LED lighting can be integrated into your sport netting design

Stadium LED lighting Netex

Netex can supply certified, engineered steel poles on which to mount your LED lighting, whether you’re mounting your stadium lights on a roofline, on freestanding poles, or integrating them into a sport netting design.

Our support poles can be engineered to handle any netting application in combination with LED lights. It eliminates the need to add additional lighting poles to your sports complex.

The engineered poles can also be used to mount any security cameras, banners or flags that your facility requires.

The complete package: pathway and plaza lighting

Netex’s LED lighting and pole installations aren’t limited to fields and stadiums. The Lumalex line of parking, street, and pathway lights can be used to illuminate plazas, stadium, field, or golf course paths, and parking lots at night. We can supply a range of lamp post styles for this type of LED lighting, from regular poles to a classic Victorian style.

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Our LED lights can reduce your energy and maintenance costs

LEDs offer greater energy efficiency and cost savings than traditional metal halide or fluorescent lighting – along with lower maintenance, and a longer service life.

A Stadium Series Sports Light operating 8 hours per day will provide approximately 20 years run time at 25⁰C. 

Low-maintenance features are built into the design of the Stadium Series Sports Light used on golf driving ranges and in baseball stadiums. Their motors are located in a separate, locked steel box on the poles, 12 feet (4m) above the ground. This gives you easy access for maintenance and replacement – and it eliminates the need to procure a large aerial lift to access the lights, which can be from 50 to 90 feet (15 to 27m) high.

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LED sports field, arena and stadium lights

We offer a range of LED lights for various uses – you’ll find their features and specifications below. Please contact us if you have any questions, or to get a quote.

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