Ground Reinforcement Grids

Turf and gravel stabilization systems give you a vehicle-friendly surface

CORE Grass ™ and Gravel™ Foundations stabilize the ground and allow you to drive vehicles and maintenance equipment on grass and gravel without damaging your turf, creating ruts, or dispersing gravel. They create an attractive, durable, low-maintenance, grass or gravel surface that is wheelchair-accessible, pedestrian and vehicle-friendly, year-round.

Gravel and grass stabilization systems create an even surface that can be used year-round.

The system uses a foundation of interlocking, honeycomb-celled grids to provide a strong, stable base for maximum load bearing. The porous foundations improve storm water management, allowing rain water or snow melt to seep back into the soil for the benefit of nearby trees, shrubs, and grass.

Beautiful, durable grass surfaces

CORE Grass™ turf reinforcement grids provide amazing turf stability, grass protection, and drainage, and are nearly invisible – you won’t notice the foundation, just the grass. The honeycomb-cell design of these unique grids distributes your vehicle weight and protects root zones, while delivering the aesthetic of a natural grass surface. Perfect for driving range maintenance paths, golf cart paths, and baseball field access paths, or high-traffic areas where a stable grass surface is required.

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Stable, weed-free gravel surfaces

The CORE Gravel™ Foundation solves the most common problems associated with gravel: ruts, sinking, and movement. The grid structure holds the gravel in place, dispersing its weight and preventing compaction.

The system has a durable, geotextile backing that allows water to drain easily while suppressing weed growth. It’s perfect for gravel pathways, drives, parking areas, and fire access lanes at sports fields and golf courses.

CORE Grass ™ and Gravel™ Foundations

We offer a range of CORE Grass ™ and Gravel™ foundations suitable for various uses and site conditions. You’ll find their features and specifications below. Please contact us if you have any questions, or to get a quote.

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