The World’s Most Advanced Sport Netting System

It took sixth generation net-builders to build a better net

We started Netex in 1997 with just one goal: to build a better sports net. But we didn’t just build a better net, we built a better system, using six generations of net-building and commercial fishing experience.

We took everything we knew about the best net-making materials, the strongest construction methods, net-hanging systems, and techniques, and used it to improve the way that sports nets were designed, built, and installed. But we didn’t stop there. We continued to innovate with each project and earned a reputation as industry experts and problem-solvers who always built it “better”, and never settled for “good enough”.

Our netting systems are stronger, more durable, and require less maintenance than other systems on the market.

Today, Netex designs, engineers, and installs the world’s most advanced sport netting systems.  You’ll find our installations and products at baseball fields, driving ranges, golf courses, sports stadiums, and playing fields across Canada, the USA, Australia, and Asia, including:

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We construct our near-invisible nets from the world’s strongest fibre

All of Netex’s advanced netting designs are made from Dyneema®, the strongest fibre in the world. We use it to create the most durable, UV-stable, moisture-resistant, lightweight netting in the industry.

Dyneema is up to 15x stronger than steel by weight.

Dyneema’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio allows us to design netting systems with better aesthetics, improved safety, and lower installation costs – along with a first-rate viewing experience for spectators. Our #15 Dyneema baseball backstop netting is certified to stop a ball travelling 104 miles per hour, while appearing almost invisible from the stands.

Our sports nets are used by the MLB, KBO, PGA, MLS and NFL

You’ll find Netex products on the field with Major and Minor League Baseball teams such as the Anaheim Angels, the Tacoma Rainiers, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Vancouver Canadians. We’re also on the training grounds of the Vancouver Whitecaps Major League Soccer (MLS) team.  And we’re on golf courses around the world, including Australia’s Royal Melbourne Golf Club and Metropolitan Golf Club, hosts of the 2019 President’s Cup, and 2018 PGA World Cup of Golf, respectively. Take a look at some the recent baseball, golf and soccer installations we’ve completed.

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We offer a complete design, engineering and installation solution!

To ensure Netex quality throughout your project from start to finish, we offer a complete engineering design, supply, and installation solution.

In-house engineering gives us complete quality control of your project from start to finish.

Our sport netting systems can be designed with engineered, freestanding steel poles and integrated with stadium lights and cell antennas. Due to the way we design our systems, they are the most low-maintenance sport netting systems on the market, with the widest spans in the industry. In standard designs, our Dyneema golf barrier net systems can span up to 82 feet (25m) between poles, and we have designed custom spans up to 115 feet (35m)!