Sport Netting, LED Stadium Lighting, And Sport Turf Installations

Complete sports solutions for golf courses, sports stadiums and baseball fields

At Netex, we’ve been installing sports netting systems for more than 20 years. We took more than six generations of net-building knowledge – the best net-making materials, the strongest construction methods, and net-hanging systems that could withstand abrasion and weather – and used it to improve the way that sports nets were installed.

Our approach has given us a reputation as experts and innovators who insist on quality at every stage – from the products we use, to the way we tension our cables.

Today, Netex is one of the world’s leading sports netting system installers. We offer our clients a complete turnkey solution – design, engineering, and installation – for sports stadiums, playing fields, indoor arenas, training facilities, golf courses and driving ranges. We can supply:

  • Premium barrier, overhead, and backstop netting systems
  • Engineered steel support poles up to 200 feet (61m)
  • Pressure-treated wood poles up to 140 feet (42.6m)
  • State-of-the-art driving range, sports field and stadium LED lighting
  • Infield, arena, soccer field, batting and golf cage turf
  • DuraEdge™ field clay
  • Gravel and turf stabilization grids
  • Cell towers for golf courses
  • Baseball field and training equipment
  • Other sports training products
  • Custom-fabricated equipment

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What makes a Netex install different?

When you partner with us, you’ll find that the difference is in the details. From concept to completion, we work to ensure that your installation is properly designed for the requirements of your site, and that it will last and look good, season after season. 

Every installation begins with nets that are built to last – our own.  We pair them with our custom-made, engineered steel support poles, which do not require ground-to-pole wiring for support so that you get a clean look with none of the maintenance or spectator-hazard issues of other systems on the market. Our ultra-strong, lightweight netting allows us to achieve the widest spans between poles in the industry, and offer unparalleled visibility and lower installation costs.

The solutions we design and engineer lead the industry for quality, aesthetics, and durability.

Our support poles can be engineered to combine netting applications with LED stadium lights, eliminating the need to add additional lighting poles to your sports complex.

The custom net-hanging system we attach to our poles is designed to prevent common problems such as net abrasion, or stress on the mounting hardware. We weld our hardware, rather than bolt it, onto our support poles to ensure the integrity of the entire system.

We believe the best installs are technical and aesthetic superstars

At Netex, we pay attention to the aesthetic aspects of your project just as much as the technical ones. If we’re installing a netting system on an undulating golf course, we make sure that the height of each pole is fabricated to create a single, straight line across the horizon. And we ensure that your nets stay taut season after season by using higher tension on our cables than most companies. The proof of our work is in the barrier netting we installed 20 years ago; the technology may have changed, but due to our uncompromising approach, they still stand straight and taut.

We never settle for “good enough” – we aim for “better” every time.

Take a look at some the recent baseball, golf and soccer installations we’ve completed.

We have the numbers your planners and architects need

Unlike most netting companies, we’ve had our netting independently tested and certified, so that we have the accurate numbers your planners, architects, and engineers need to design their structures with precision and safety: certified wind tunnel test results, base moment loads for any structure, point loads for stadium tie-back designs, and break and burst strengths.

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Our work is guaranteed

Netex offers a two-year workmanship warranty on our installations. Our install teams are hand-picked from the areas we work in, and they install to Netex specifications.

All of our Dyneema netting has a 15-year limited warranty against UV degradation and a 2-year workmanship warranty. Our engineered support poles have a conditional, 2-year warranty and the Stadium Series Sports Light has a full, 5-year warranty.


“The quality of the nets are second to none, but what impressed me the most is Netex’s ability to create exactly what you want regardless of your space. (Mark Wilson) knows exactly what will and will not work, and is very easy to work with.”

Mike Johnson, Owner and Former MLB Pitcher
5 Tool Fieldhouse, indoor baseball facility


We offer design consultations to help our golf customers get started

For golf driving ranges and fairways, it takes experience and expertise to design a certified netting system and pole layout that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically sound.

After more than 20 years installing barrier and impact netting systems on golf courses and driving ranges worldwide, the team at Netex knows how to design an advanced system that will look good and last for decades. That’s why, although our clients can provide their own certified designs, we offer a design consultation service as the first step in a Netex golf range or fairway sports netting installation.

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An overview of our design process for golf courses and driving ranges

A typical consultation begins with a concept sketch and some basic layout, dimensional, and topographical information from our client. From these, Netex develops a preliminary site plan with recommended net heights and a pole layout. We then travel to the project site to assess site conditions, confirm pole locations, spans, and site elevations.

We design and install around the world: from PGA to public courses, Cleveland to Melbourne.

The client commissions a geotechnical report for the site, with a focus on the proposed pole locations. The report is needed to design the base foundations for the poles. Without it, the civil engineer cannot certify the foundation design.

Netex then designs support poles for your specific region and wind load rating, using accurate wind tunnel test numbers for the project’s netting. We will provide the structure’s “base moment load” to a local civil engineer, who will design the foundations for the netting structure. The civil engineer will provide certified and stamped drawings for the foundation design, and our team will provide certified and stamped drawings for all structural work above grade.

As a final step, we provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost to fabricate and install the netting and pole system.

To arrange a design consultation for your driving range or golf course, please contact us.