Tournament Fencing (Poly Fence)

A heavy duty, yet flexible fencing product that is sturdy enough to stand with minimal support, making it ideal for outfield fencing, to mark or close off tee boxes for repair, construction fencing, and crowd control. Fencing is durable and pliable even at cold temperatures.


  • UV-stabilized polyethylene polypropylene monofilament blend
  • UV-inhibited throughout the fiber (not just coated)
  • 90% porosity for windy conditions
  • 3 reinforced bands for attachment points
  • Factory salvage edging and middle (no fraying)

18.5 lbs per roll / 0.0308 lbs/ft²

Mesh Square Size

3/8” (14mm)

Roll Size

4’ w x 150’ l


Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Black