I-Hack Attack Baseball Machine

With the familiar look and feel of a personal tablet, the I-Hack’s machine interface is a customized touch screen through which you can control and select pitch type, speed, and spin, as well as access saved favorite pitches and sequences.


Use the touch screen to move quickly between eight different preset pitches, as well as preset defensive drills.  Defaults are pre-established for every pitch to accommodate skill levels (youth and pro), but can be quickly modified.

In manual mode, you can select any pitch, speed, and location, and repeat or change as desired.  (All pitches can be modified as desired by making finite, individual adjustments to each motor.) You can change the speed on any pitch including fastball, change-up, and heater. Pitches can be set to an established sequence or thrown in random mode.

Weight 230 lbs

41” h x 30” w x 43” l